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“You’re Worth It”!  A play helping people understand suicide preventionsignshelp

“Worth It” lets those with suicidal ideations know that they are not alone and that asking for help is okay.

General Admission Tickets FREE to Public!

Presented by Overcoming Believers Church, Vet to Vet Tennessee in partnership with Tennessee Suicide Prevention Network

What: “Worth It” play is a 2-hour, faith-based play that portrays talent show auditions at a high school where an altercation elevates to the point of individuals identifying to be suicidal and/or struggling with a mental health crisis. The actors display different signs of suicidal tendencies in the play, showcasing corresponding action steps. This comedy, musical, and drama play is appropriate for teens and young adults. Youth groups have attended previous shows with the youth group leader guiding pre-/post-performance discussions. Many of the youth who are selected for roles in this play also get to express their mental health through their performance. 

Response to the premiere of “Worth It” was overwhelming in unexpected ways. It opened the door to critical conversations between parents and their children, teachers and their students, friends, and coworkers about thoughts that are often hidden deep in our souls and in silent shame. “Worth It” lets those with suicidal ideations know that they are not alone and that asking for help is okay. It lets everyone else know the importance of kindness, acceptance, and a willingness to speak up when they believe someone’s life may be in danger. Trained counselors will be available at each performance to answer questions and assist those in need of guidance.

  1. Vet to Vet Tennessee is the producer of the “Worth It” plays.
  2. Goal of the “Worth It” project is to provide all general admission tickets for free.
  3. Donors can select a specific school, youth-based organization, veteran service organization, faith-based ministry, or senior citizen center. 
  4. 1,250 seats are available per show
  5. General admission includes a general admission ticket, “Worth It” t-shirt, refrigerator magnets and bracelet.
  6. In-kind donations, website support, ticketing support, videography team, and outreach material are welcomed.

When: Saturday, 4:00 p.m. October 22, 2022

Sunday, 5:00 p.m. October 23, 2022

Where: Overcoming Believers Church, 211 Harriet Tubman St, Knoxville, TN 37915

Expenses: Videography team, t-shirts, wristbands, refrigerator magnets, stipends to church, cast professionals, cleaners, sound engineer, food for cast, website, etc.

Playwright Tonya Stoutt-Brown & Knox County Mayor Glenn Jacobs

Tax-exempt donations:  Vet to Vet Tennessee is a 501 (c) (3) tax-exempt organization

Safety measures:

  1. All actors will undergo QPR suicide prevention training.
  2. Licensed clinical therapist will be available during rehearsals and shows
  3. Specially trained instructors will be present during show times for audience members
  4. Provider organizations will be available during show times in case of triggers

Performance Details:

  • Tonya Stoutt-Brown – Playwright
  • Will Dorsey IV– Director
  • Samson Ferrell – Singer Songwriter
  • Camo Brian – Singer Songwriter
  • Mayor Glenn Jacobs – Special cameo appearance
  • Vet to Vet Tennessee – Producer
  • Endorsed by Dr. Paul Quinnett, Founder of QPR Institute
  • Tennessee Suicide Prevention Network (TSPN) – Partner


Donors – Give what you can…Any amount you can share is appreciated and put to good use!

Sponsors – $150 – $1500.  Sign on to “sponsor” a church group, a classroom, a retirement center, or any one of a number of other organizations.

Partners – $1500 and above.  Come alongside us as we make an investment to ensure that “Worth It” is the most effective experience possible for the many individuals who will be in attendance for both shows

Outreach Partners – your passion for making a difference.  We are in need of “boots on the ground” individuals who will help us reach out to organizations (churches, schools, community groups, etc.) to connect and secure groups to come to the show.

Partners receive a public acknowledgment from the stage at each show and logo placement in the lobby area.

If you have questions or comments, please contact Vet to Vet Tennessee at 865-336-2624 or email us at

Please Donate!

We are grateful for your support. Just imagine, we can have fun and save someone’s life! You’re Worth it.

2022 “Worth It: Director Will Dorsey IV

Cast members here!

Worth It 2019 cast members

Original “Worth It” Cast